How it works ?

A part of the data comes from SEO Majestic, we use their databases and metrics to find details for all referrals linking to your site. Other part we are crawling directly. We also use Google API to check if your domain is flagged as malware and Google Analytics (optional) data to understand which backlinks bring real traffic and any organic drops in index.
Our algorithm looks at a combination of factors and signals that may impact on the Penguin update and can be SPAM indicators. We use next factors:

  • Domain Trust and Citation
  • Domain Topic Flow
  • Domain Trust vs Domain Citation
  • Page Trust Flow
  • Page Citation
  • Outbound backlinks
  • Anchor vs Total Text Ratio
  • Social signals
  • Link attributes
  • Website Page Authority and trust
  • External backlinks count to domain/page
  • Malware test
  • Count of external links in sidebar/footer
  • text vs html ratio
  • Content count on page
  • If page/document is indexed.
  • Direct referral traffic from the site.
Basically Disavow file is a instruction for Google which links and referrals to ignore. You can generate this instruction using Linkquidator in 1 click. So you will need just to upload it in your Google Webmaster Tool. To do this, go to the following link: Or use our step by step Disavowing system in your campaign overview.
Referral Influence - this is our trademark parameter that reflects the potential effect of a backlink on your page. First, we derive the parameter that objectively reflects the reference domain authority and specific donor page, and then pass it through the filters, the factors that may affect the impact of the link and the volume that it can transmit. On the basis of same data we use to define Link Quality. The process is pretty similar to how we define Link Quality, only we use different formulas and indicators. Data Sources we use are also the same.

User Cases

Linkquidator can be a great part of the process. But you have to understand that we provide only tools, and so the result will depend on how you will use them. For example, you must know that Google is trying to keep an eye not only on the number of bad links on your pages, but also how quickly and naturally they appeared.
Not in that way. Google says it will not take them into account as a ranking factor, but Penguin has always perceived these kind of links as a factor. Secondly, after the update of September 23, 2016, Penguin 4.0 became part of the core algorithm and now they try not to penalize your site right away, and are simply trying just to remove spammy pages from the index. And this means that potentially bad No Follow links can directly effect your rankings and organic traffic.
That’s true. Indeed, we are inclined to believe that Google take them into account as some kind of signal. As many No Follow links often bring natural referral traffic, we see no reason to consider them as totally useless. Many experts even argue about whether they take into account the search engines. But of course if they do have some influence, it is many times weaker than Do Follow links.

Payment & Subscription

Visit the pricing page. We provide monthly and annual plans..
Our Billing is working with all kinds of debit and credit cards, PayPal and Amazon Payments.
You can see all details and cancel your subscription anytime on "Subscriptions" page.
We support simultaneous subscriptions so if you need more power and resources you are able to add another subscription to your plan. In order to do this sign up to another plan as usual and our system will take care of the rest. All plans on your account will be subject to automatic rebilling, so simply cancel the additional plan when it is no longer required to return to normal service.
Linkquidator is a monthly service because backlinks check is not a one-time action and it must be done on a regular basis. Anyway you can cancel your subscription when you want.
You can cancel your subscription on "subscription" page.
Yes! If you are changing plan, you will receive a credit for unused days before your next payment.