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What is LinkQuidator?

LinkQuidator is a professional service which helps you to get rid of the negative influence of the bad links. LinkQuidator uses a complex algorithm to analyze all the backlinks to your website and find which ones harm or might harm your website.

Why I need LinkQuidator?

LinkQuidator is the best way to get your website out of the Google penalization box. There are no other services to provide such an in-depth and qualitative analysis of all your backlinks.


What are “bad links”?

Bad links are the backlinks which are considered “unnatural” by Google. These are links from banned sites, links from link exchange network services or even some of paid links.

Why should I remove bad links?

You should find and remove bad “unnatural” links because they will soon become a reason to penalize you (if it hasn’t happen yet!). Unnatural links may harm your website and cause a decrease in your rankings, and LinkQuidator is the safest, most reliable and easiest way to prevent you from getting banned.

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