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Full analysis of your BAD links

At the beginning, we evaluate all your backlinks. Then, we use 20 different parameters to determine which of these links could really harm your website and should be removed.
The links which are considered malicious by our unique algorithm are given a ”linkquidator index”. You will receive all the needed information to understand easily why the link is considered bad and how it should be removed.

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Bad Links Analysis

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Regain Rankings & Get Traffic

We have detected more than 3.500.000 bad links so far and surely can say the impact is seen immediately - within first month websites' positions have been lifted up and their rankings have been regained.
Cleaning up your backlinks, besides regain rankings, gives you possibility to boost traffic by using low-frequency queries.

Unnatural Links Warning?

If you haven’t received yet such a warning, do not hesitate! It may happen to you very soon, as Google is now scrupulously and constantly analyzing every website to give penalties. You should prevent that and remove the bad links you have. Linkquidator has saved more than 2.000 websites so far, by preventing them from penalties or getting them out of the penalization box and regain their rankings.

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Links Warning

"Don’t know how it works, but it shows me perfect list of most critical shit- links ))) I made disavow – TY guys! Totally pleased!"
"Great team, perfect service. 2 months and reconsideration approve, my business is out of penalty and it’s 100% your help"
"Thanks guys for awesome experience. I had no idea about my bad links, thanks for cleaning them. Our little store doesn’t need a penalty again))"

Linquidator – get rid of your bad links! Avoid Google penalty.

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